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A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is a side-splitting mini-game where ragdoll physics collides with World Cup dreams. Imagine two players, one tiny stadium, and 30 seconds of hilarious football mayhem. Can you score the most goals and claim the ultimate glory?

Intro of A Small World Cup

Remember the electrifying atmosphere of World Cup 98? A Small World Cup brings back those memories but with a hilarious twist. You control a ragdoll player, ready to push, shove, and contort your way to victory. It is not about finesse – it is about pure, unadulterated fun!

Your Way to the Top

This game is all about ragdoll mayhem. Send your opponent flying, bounce off walls like a deranged pinball, and score outrageous goals that would make Ronaldo jealous. Every match is a comedy of errors waiting to happen, and that is the beauty of it!

30 Seconds of Chaotic Glory

You have 30 seconds to outmaneuver your opponent and slam that ball into the net. Control your ragdoll with precision (or lack thereof), master the art of the physics-defying shot, and watch the chaos unfold. It is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud thrill ride every single time.

Mission of player

Want to take the pressure up a notch? Dive into Golden Goal mode! Here, one goal is all it takes to claim the win. However, beware, your opponent has the same idea. It is a tense showdown, a dance of desperation and ragdoll dexterity. Can you score the golden goal and become the mini-World Cup champion?

Key feature of A Small World Cup

  • Practice Mode: Hone your ragdoll skills before taking on the world.
  • Difficulty Levels: From Easy to Hard, choose the challenge that fits your inner champion.
  • Stat Tracking: See how your ragdoll rampage unfolds, from goals scored to stadiums conquered.
  • New Stadiums: Immerse yourself in diverse arenas, each with unique charm (and potential for hilarious collisions).
  • Pause and Sound: Take a breather or crank up the volume – the choice is yours.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Witness the ragdoll mayhem in all its eye-catching glory.

How to play

  • Pick player - Left click
  • Drag player - Cursor