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Eggy Car

About Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a casual car driving game. But forget about fast racing cars; Here, you are entrusted with a precious commodity – an egg! Balancing speed and caution, you'll navigate a strange world filled with obstacles, while keeping your fragile payload intact. Sounds difficult? Fear not, guardian of the yolk! This guide will uncover the secrets of Eggy Car mastery, transforming you from rookie driver to egg car driver in no time.

Control the vehicle

  • Avoid hills: Bumpy terrain is your egg's worst enemy. Drive around those undulating slopes - a single tumble will bring the omelette of your dreams!
  • Coin Collection: Shiny rewards scattered everywhere! Grab these coins to unlock new vehicles and customize your trusty Eggy Vehicle. Remember, the more coins, the more egg quote options!
  • Power-up potential: Be on the lookout for useful boosts! Frozen food straps your eggs to your car, giving you peace of mind on dangerous slopes. Use them wisely, they are the guardians of your yolk!

Upgrade your items

  • Unlock a convoy: A garage filled with outrageous vehicles awaits! From sleek sports cars to fun monster trucks, each has its own personality. Experiment and find the perfect combination for your driving style.
  • Tons of challenges: As you progress, get ready for harder tracks and crazier obstacles. But don't worry, your newly learned skills will help you pass those levels with ease!

So are you ready to take the wheel and embark on the adventure on Eggy Car? Remember, patience, precision and a little egg quoting are the keys to success. Now go forth and conquer those exotic routes - your fragile cargo awaits! If you're too frustrated after practicing forever without success, don't worry, we just released a new game called Super Mario Bros Wonder. During your break, you can try it for fun.