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Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a game that uniquely combines classic arcade action with a playful twist! Inspired by the flash animation Mario's Day Off, this game lets you experience a timeless adventure alongside everyone's favorite plumber.

Description of Donkey Kong

Rescue Pauline in the iconic first level, but this time with FLUDD by your side, you get to the bonus stage! However, the journey ends there, leaving you to enjoy the familiar and satisfying gameplay of Donkey Kong's early levels.

This NES version shines with its ability to faithfully recreate the arcade experience. The tight controls, responsive jumps, and addictive "just one more try" loop are all there. However, purists may need to catch up on the transition period, a common omission in many conversions at the time.

Donkey Kong's Call

Donkey Kong's charm transcends generations. Whether it's the first time or the thousandth, the simple yet challenging gameplay, iconic characters, and timeless chase to reach the top will keep you hooked. So, get hooked. Grab your controller and prepare to climb ladders and dodge Donkey Kong's barrel throws as Mario. Unleash the power of FLUDD during the bonus phase. Relive the thrill of rescuing Pauline in the classic second level.

Instructions for controlling characters

  • Use the arrow keys to move and climb the ladder.
  • Press the spacebar to jump.
  • Once you have FLUDD, press "A" to release the turbo nozzle.
  • Climb the final ladder in Stage 1 and touch all the yellow charges in Stage 2.

Enjoy this unique Donkey Kong game, a nostalgic treat for veterans and a fun discovery for newcomers. What's more, who knows, you might even find yourself humming the iconic theme music long after saving Pauline!