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Retro Bowl

Ready to revive the golden age of arcade football? Lace up your shoes and enter the pixelated playground with Retro Bowl, a game that combines retro charm and addictive gameplay.

Main features of the game

Interesting, modern challenges

Don't let the 8-bit image fool you. Retro Bowl packs a punch with deceptively simple controls and surprisingly deep strategic options. Whether you're a seasoned gridiron veteran or a rookie midfielder, this game offers hours of pixelated fun.

Build your rugby team

Build your dream team from a roster of unique players, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Find talent, manage contracts and call plays as you guide your team through a multi-season career mode. Feel the satisfaction of building a powerhouse from the ground up, season after season.

How to play Retro Bowl

Take direct control of the field, weave your way through defenders, launch spiral passes and make crushing tackles. Intuitive touch controls make it easy to use, but mastering the nuanced strategies takes dedication. Every yard gained and every touchdown scored is a testament to your ability to control your team.

Control the team

  • Draft Day: Choose your team wisely; each has its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Game Time: Take control of the field, run, pass and tackle your way to victory.
  • Coaches Corner: Manage your team, hire and fire coaches, negotiate contracts and make strategic decisions.