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Doodle Jump

Get ready to explode in Doodle Jump, the endlessly addictive game where gravity prevails and verticality reigns supreme.

Information of Doodle Jump

Embrace the leap

Your duties? Simple yet exhilarating: push your quirky little doodle as high as your reflexes can handle! Forget buttons and arrows; Navigate this strange world by tilting your screen, guiding your pixel hero from one platform to another. The longer you jump, the sweeter the reward - watch your score increase with each daring climb!

Boost Your Buzz

However, the journey is not just about climbing stairs. Power-ups are your allies in this gravity-defying adventure. Pedals take you to stratospheric heights, rockets zoom over dangerous obstacles, and rotor flaps turn you into a makeshift helicopter. Enjoy these gifts - they're your ticket to skyrocketing scores!

Avoid cowards

No high-flying adventure is complete without a few bumps in the road. Keep your wits sharp, because nasty dangers lurk around every corner. Cracked platforms crumble beneath your feet, aliens threaten head-on collision, and black holes yearn to swallow you whole. Master the art of controlled jumping, overcoming these challenges with strategic ingenuity.

Feature of Doodle Jump

  • Know your friends: Make friends with springs, rockets and propeller covers; your top rung. However, stay away from double-cracked platforms, aliens, and black holes they're a recipe for a sharp drop in pixels.
  • Amount of customization: Are you bored with the same scenery? Doodle Jump lets you choose your playground! Swipe from the bottom of the title screen and explore various themed worlds, each with its own charm.
  • Altitude versus Haste: The higher you climb, the more complicated things become. Don't be a speed demon be controlled; Precise jumps are important to avoid those nasty obstacles at dizzying heights.
  • Learn from failures: Every failure is a lesson. Analyze your mistakes, remember treacherous terrain, and adjust your strategy for the next ascent.