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Unfair Mario 2

Unfair Mario 2 is a game in the famous Mario series. In this game, forget that you will play the game from easy to difficult. Instead, many complex challenges will appear right from the beginning of the game to test your reflexes and memory. So you must attend this game if you are a player who always craves challenges and surprises. 

Unfair Mario 2 information


Step into Mario's shoes, but be prepared for a world where appearances are deceiving. The familiar setting hides a Super Mario Bros Wonder like setting with hidden dangers and familiar mechanics that hold devious surprises.

Twisted maze

Your goal is simple across five exquisitely designed levels: reach the finish line with the highest score. However, achieving that is nothing. Within the traps, cleverly disguised dangers and an unforgiving environment await to punish even the most seasoned gamers.

Remembering is the key to your survival. Each playthrough will reveal the location and nature of these hidden threats. Use previous failures to learn, adapt, and get closer to victory.

Mark your victory

Flags provide welcome feedback, serving as checkpoints within each level. However, be careful; Even these safe havens are potentially dangerous!

You can conquer injustice.

Are you agile enough to get through this maze of deception? Can your resolve endure the game's relentless cruelty? If you crave a challenge that tests your limits, Unfair Mario 2 awaits. Just remember, frustration is part of the fun!

Control the game

  • Left and right arrows to move
  • Arrow up to jump