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Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros takes you to the Mushroom Kingdom, a vibrant land filled with secrets and adventure. Join Mario, the lucky plumber with the mustache and heart of gold, as he embarks on a mission to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the fire-breathing Bowser.

The Plumber's Heroic Adventure

Step into Mario's iconic red shoes and prepare to enter a world of imagination. Jump on Goombas, fly across chasms and collect sparkling coins in a symphony of pixelated fun. However, your journey is about more than just the ability to use the platform. It's about courage, wit, and mastering the hidden powers in every corner.

Control Mario

  • Directional Keyboard: Guide Mario through exotic landscapes with a trusty keyboard, scaling vines, dodging enemies, and navigating warp pipes with ease.
  • Z Button: Time your jumps to perfection with the Z button, pushing Mario towards hidden secrets and escaping coins.
  • X Button: Unleash Mario's inner speed demon with the X button, overcome obstacles and reach platforms that seem out of reach.

Key feature of Super Mario Bros

Power-ups: your Key to victory

The secrets of the Mushroom Kingdom aren't just hidden in blocks; They have great power!

  • Red Mushroom: Grow big and strong with the Red Mushroom, easily breaking bricks and earning an extra hit to keep you in the game.
  • Fire Flower: Transform into Fire Mario, a fire enthusiast's dream! Throw flaming bullets, melt nasty chunks of ice, and roast your enemies with just a snap of your fingers.
  • Green Mushroom: Breathe a sigh of relief with the Green Mushroom, giving you more lives to continue your adventure.

Unravel the secrets of the Kingdom

Super Mario Bros. reward the curious explorer. Discover hidden shortcuts that pass the entire level:

  • World 1-2: Search for moving platforms and climb to the top. This warp tube lets you choose between Worlds 2, 3, or 4!
  • World 4-2: Hidden between two pipes, the Koopa Troopas hold the key to further adventures. Find two hidden blocks and access the alternate world through different pipes. Don't remember to explore the roof for more surprises!

So put on your cap, unleash your inner hero and prepare to become a legend! In addition, the newly released Super Mario Bros Wonder is also waiting for you to explore a new land exactly like the land in fairy tales. Please join us as soon as possible to receive special attention