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Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars will give you a feeling of excitement when stepping on the hardwood floor! This exciting mobile game lets you test your skills against top players, show your sportsmanship and lead your team to glory.

Introducing the game Basketball Stars

Become a champion

Challenge the best: Go head-to-head with a global community of basketball enthusiasts or hone your skills against AI opponents. Choose your opponents, refine your strategy and level up to become a legend in the arena.

Unleash your inner star: Dribble accurately, shoot accurately and throw the ball with lightning force. Basketball Star's intuitive controls and realistic physics put you in complete control of your game, allowing you to pull off flashy moves and dominate the competition.

Command your team: Basketball is not a solo activity. Lead your team to victory in thrilling 3-point contests, exciting dunk contests, and classic full-court battles. Strategize your gameplay, exploit matches and earn power-ups to dominate the scoreboard.

From playground prodigy to global

Climb the leaderboard: Every dunk, every three-pointer, every clutch win will earn you points and push you up the leaderboard. Aim for the top spot and make your name among the game's best players.

Customize your champion: Create your dream basketball player! Choose your style, personalize your device, and even model your avatar after yourself or your favorite NBA star. Take to court with confidence and swagger!

Upgrade your game: Push your limits with diverse difficulty levels. Master the basics, then move on to advanced challenges that test your reflexes, timing, and strategic thinking. Become the best pitcher, one perfect shot at a time!

How to control Basketball Stars


  • WASD or arrow keys: Move
  • X/L: Shoot/Robber
  • S: Pump/Block
  • A+A or D+D or left/right arrow twice: Dash
  • K/Z: Super speed shot


  • Player 1: WASD keys (move), B (shoot/steal), S (pump), A/D twice (launch), K (super shoot)
  • Player 2: Arrow keys (move), L (shoot/steal), down arrow (pump), left/right arrow twice (dash)

So grab your virtual ball, lace up your sneakers and prepare to shine in Basketball Stars! Remember, with every impressive and dazzling appearance, you are one step closer to basketball immortality.