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Cat Mario

Introducing the game Cat Mario

We're calling all cat fans and Mario enthusiasts! Join Cat Mario with his adorable feline and embark on a thrilling adventure through vivid Japanese-inspired landscapes. This charming twist on the classic Mario series offers an exciting mix of familiar gameplay and new challenges, making it perfect for players of all ages.

A Manga masterpiece

Cat Mario takes you to an exciting world with a manga-style aesthetic. Imagine furry white cats jumping through enchanting levels, dodging quirky obstacles and collecting exciting power-ups. Every element, from the characters to the environments, exudes a uniquely Japanese charm that will captivate your senses.

Own the cat

While the main goal is still to conquer levels and reach the finish line, Cat Mario introduces new improvements to the classic formula. Your cat's strength lies in its agility and quick reflexes. Jump across gaps, avoid bouncing bombs and run away from mischievous creatures while collecting coins and power-ups to fuel your journey.

Enhance your skills

The game boasts four increasingly challenging levels, each testing your wits and reflexes. Conquer the playful simplicity of the first level, then prepare yourself for the fiery depths and intricate traps of the final cave. However, fear not, brave adventurers! Each level includes checkpoints, allowing you to continue where you left off even after a few unfortunate "meows".

Advice for players

Here are some helpful hints to guide you

  • Level 1: Beware of sneaky opponents from the blue pipes and jumping platforms. Be careful of enemies falling in the final stage!
  • Final level: Lava pits, spinning bars and fiery explosions await in the dark cave. Use the ceiling space to your advantage and don't remember to pick up your sword to defeat the boss.

Ready for some fun

So put on your cat ears and enter the strange world of Cat Mario. With captivating visuals, exciting challenges and a touch of Japanese magic, this adventure is sure to make you smile. Plus, you might discover your inner cat hero along the way!

Control the Cat Mario

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Enter the key to get started