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Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 boldly plunges you into a vast 3D world in 1996. This revolutionary platformer redefines the genre, letting you explore dazzling landscapes, overcoming obstacles danger and collect sparkling Power Stars like the iconic Mario.

About Super Mario 64

Vivid graphics

If you are too bored with simple 2D graphics. In this version, Super Mario Bros will take you into a true 3D space. Here, you can jump, swim and climb to your heart's content. Explore for yourself the sunny courtyards, icy mountains and even deep underground caves waiting for you to explore. In addition, we also have the latest version which is Super Mario Bros Wonder. If you are interested, you can experience the latest game of the Super Mario series

Powerful star

Scattered throughout the Princess's castle and its vast grounds are 120 Power Stars, your ticket to unlocking new areas and ultimately rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches. But these stars are more than just freebies. They are hidden in challenging puzzles, hidden in secret corners and guarded by mischievous enemies.

Master the movements

Controlling Mario in Super Mario 64 is very easy

  • To start the game, select Mario.
  • To control Mario around the level, use the arrow keys.
  • To start jumping, press A.
  • Run and lean down with Z, then quickly press A to do a long jump.
  • While sprinting, press Z to slide.
  • By pressing B, you can punch or kick.
  • Z is used to crouch and do a variety of tasks.
  • The camera is controlled via the C buttons (C-UP, C-Down, C-Left, C-Slight).

Tips to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom

Here are some tips for your Super Mario 64 adventures:

  • Master Mario's move set: Learn his jumps, kicks and punches to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies with ease.
  • Explore every corner: Hidden secrets and Power Stars await the curious explorer.
  • Strategize with Power-Ups: Use each one to its full potential, unlock hidden paths and solve puzzles.
  • Don't be afraid to try different ways: Try different ways of playing to win as quickly as possible