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Ducklings io invites you on a wilder adventure! Dive into a peaceful pond with adorable ducklings and embark on a mission to build the softest nests. But be careful, waterfowl, this is not gentle paddling in the park!

Leading the Quacktastic Fun line

As a charming duck leading the attack, your goal is simple yet challenging: collect as many ducklings as your tail feathers can hold! Navigate calm waters, collect these fuzzy delights, and watch your score soar with every waddle. Remember, however, ponds aren't just for learning to swim.

Pass the furry competition

This peaceful paradise harbors an underlying rivalry. Other ducks, also eager to build nests, may try to steal your precious ducklings. Dodge them with nimble calls or turn the tables and claim furry recruits for your flock – the choice is yours!

Strategy for the wise duck

  • Scout the Pond: Your keen eyes are your most valuable asset. Scan the water for ducklings looking for a leader. The more you find, the higher your score goes!
  • Tail Feathers of Glory: Your train of furry feathers grows longer and prouder with each duckling you collect. Remember, though, a longer tail makes you a bigger target, so choose your path wisely.
  • Friend or enemy? The other ducks are your potential allies or cunning enemies. Choose to cooperate and help each other build impressive nests or unleash your inner strategist and overcome them to win on your own.

Simple controls, endless fun

Glide through the water with your trusty mouse, quickly guiding your duck. Intuitive controls make fun for players of all ages.So, are you ready to win? Join and experience the thrill of leading an army of furry ducklings, one adorable duckling at a time!