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Balanced Running

About Balanced Running

Balanced Running will take you into a world that contains a lot of molten faces. To see how far you can go when standing in such a high temperature room. 

Instructions for playing the game

Game modes

Play alone: In this mode, you will move alone on a rotten wooden table. Let's see how far you can go when you're alone. You have to be very careful with every step because just stepping too far or too short can cause you to have to play the game again from the beginning.

Two-player play: In this mode, invite a friend to play with you. Then you and your friend race to the finish line. Try to surpass your friend, collecting as many coins as possible. The purpose of collecting these coins is that you will then use that money to open other characters.

Simple controls, endless thrills

  • One button (W or Up arrow) controls your steps, making it easy to start balancing.
  • Master the art of long pressing: hold the button for a daring jump, but lose your balance and you'll smolder in the lava!

More than just a balancing act

  • Immersive 3D graphics bring the lava world to life, complete with quirky animations and a catchy soundtrack.
  • Unlock various character skins with the coins you collect, each adding personality to your fiery journey.