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Apple Worm

Apple Worm is a fun twist on the classic genre, starring a chubby, stretchy worm with an insatiable appetite for apples. Embark on a swinging adventure through vibrant worlds, guide your worm to delicious snacks and go beyond the exit portal.

Overview of the game

Stretch and eat your way to victory

Start each level in a cozy apple cocoon, surrounded by fun obstacles. With a body that expands and contracts, your trusty worm is the key to your success. Reach for juicy apples that are just out of reach, squeeze through tight spaces and use your worm-like agility to conquer every challenge.

Think before you squirm

However, this is not just a party! As you progress, the world will throw new curveballs your way. Spiked walls, treacherous gaps and moving platforms test your spatial awareness and planning skills. Think ahead, strategize your worm's swinging movements, and blast through each level like a smooth, apple-powered puzzle master.

A sweet reward for a savvy worm

With each level conquered, your journey to seducing insects will become more delicious! New worlds are revealed, each with unique obstacles and difficult puzzles. Can you reach the exit in the least amount of time? Can you get that hidden apple reward? The challenges grow, the rewards grow sweeter, and your worm's shimmering legacy grows stronger!

Simple dishes, addictive flavors

Intuitive controls, captivating visuals, and soothing soundtrack make Apple Worm a fun puzzle game for all ages. Moderate levels will keep you coming back for more while increasing difficulty ensures you'll quickly become a deep twisting champion.

How to control character

Use arrow keys to control character and play this game