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Super Mario Run

Description of Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run takes everyone's favorite plumber on a one-man adventure that's both familiar and new. It's not just your ordinary endless runner; it's a pocket Nintendo gem filled with charm and challenge.

Not just mushrooms

While enjoying the iconic power-ups is still a fun experience, Super Mario Run reveals a new side to the Mushroom Kingdom. Smooth, stylish movement and skillfully crafted levels make each run feel like a collectible classic. Build your own kingdom, compete in friendly Toad Rallies, and experience the thrill of the chase as you overcome fiery obstacles in this unique Mario formula.

Methods of movement

Remember those side-scrolling adventures where Mario conquered Goombas and Koopa Troopas? Super Mario Run captures that essence in a bite-sized format. Your trusty plumber will automatically dash forward and you must tap and hold the screen to unleash his acrobatic abilities. Time your jumps perfectly to dodge enemies, collect coins and grab that coveted flag at the finish line.

Symphony of smiles

Super Mario Run offers more than just pixel perfection; It's a fun sound festival. The soundtrack is vibrant with upbeat tunes, while every jump and stomp is accompanied by Mario's infectious enthusiasm. Laughter, screams and cries of victory fill the air as you pass each stage, making each run feel like a personal victory parade.

So, channel your inner hero and join Mario on a whirlwind adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom. Or if you want to experience something new, Super Mario Bros Wonder will welcome you with beautiful graphics and exciting new gameplay. Surely you will not be disappointed

How to play

  • Click once: Jump
  • Double click;: Double jump
  • Hold click: Fly in the air