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Run 3

Run 3 invites you to a distant space adventure, where you will guide an outsider on a brave planet through a course overcoming obstacles. This explorer, it is time to challenge gravity and race for glory!

Overview of Run 3 game

Your mission

As our agile alien, your goal is straightforward but exciting: running away like your universe legs can bring you! However, this song is not an ordinary person: the tunnel, thorough space and rigid walls with your particular reflection and awareness test holes. Jump, slide, and rush along these walls, turning the entire corridor to navigate the landscape, which is constantly changing.

Discover universe your way

Run 3 offers two modes to meet your inner space. Discover the mode mode you conquer manual levels, each level for your growing agility. Infinite mode throws on gloves, pushing you to your limit on an endless track. Choose your challenge, grasp the Adrenaline fever and become the ultimate alien jogist!

Simple control

You can use the arrow keys to move and overcome obstacles.