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Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite will take you into exciting music, razor-sharp spikes and endless challenges. Guide your agile square through obstacles, mastering rhythm and reflexes to reach the finish line.

About Geometry Dash Lite

Difficulty level

Geometry Dash Lite caters to all skill levels, from gentle slopes to gravity-defying mazes. Each stage will introduce new twists and turns, from platforming to morphing barriers. Master the rhythm, conquer obstacles and overcome a world of vibrant geometric chaos.

Not just the finish line

This Lite version isn't just about the end goal. Unlock countless achievements by solving hidden challenges and mastering complex levels. Each achievement will ignite your inner courage, motivating you to test your limits and conquer every pixel peak.

Creator community

Join a thriving community where players create and share their levels, keeping the challenge fresh and the fun endless. Explore a universe of user-generated content, from tricky puzzles to delightfully chaotic creations. Geometry Dash Lite is just the beginning dive into the full version of an ever-expanding library of challenges.

Do not be aware of the simple graphics. Geometry Dash Lite's vibrant color palette and geometric shapes deliver precision and intensity. The clean design focuses your attention on the rhythm and spikes, requiring laser-sharp reflexes and perfect timing.

Soundtrack for your victory

Throbbing beats and catchy melodies permeate every level, becoming your guide and enemy. Every jump and tap must be perfectly synchronized with the music, turning your gameplay into a rhythmic dance on the brink of disaster.

How to control

You just need to use the mouse or spacebar to control this square character.