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Poly Track

Poly Track game overview

Poly Track is a love letter to classic racing, a playground for creative minds and a thrilling test of skill. Get ready for classic racing with the watch in this game ! Your task in this game is to get behind the wheel of an agile car, overcome tight corners, rush through loops and fight for every millisecond on many adrenaline-filled tracks.

Inspired by TrackMania, PolyTrack takes the classic time-tested formula and adds a vibrant, pixelated touch. Each swing is meticulously crafted to test your reflexes, shaving seconds off your previous attempts. But PolyTrack isn't just chasing perfect lap times.

Unleash your inner racetrack architect with the powerful level editor. Build your dream road, from gravity-defying loops to dangerous turns. Share your creations with the community and watch your track come to life under the wheels of other racers.

Control way this game

  • WASD or arrow keys: Control your pixel accelerator precisely.
  • R or enter: Restart the current track and chase that elusive perfect lap.
  • Left mouse button: Place track pieces, shape your dream road.
  • Middle mouse button: Rotate the viewing angle for the optimal construction angle.
  • Right mouse button: Rotate the view to navigate your ongoing track.
  • Shift + mouse wheel: Zoom in or out for a closer look or a more general view.
  • R: Rotate the selected track segment for an even more complex layout.