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Happy Wheel

Happy Wheels throws you into a ragdoll physics playground where mayhem reigns supreme. Choose from a cast of eccentric characters, each with their rickety car, and overcome a series of dangerous obstacles to reach the finish line. Be prepared for bumps, bruises and maybe even a few severed limbs because in Happy Wheels, the journey is just as important (and fun) as the destination.

Prepare for Punitive Physics

Master the art of balancing and moving through treacherous landscapes. Dodge razor-sharp spikes, dodge swinging balls and navigate precarious slopes without losing your head (literally!). Every bump and scratch adds to the chaotic fun, and realistic ragdoll physics ensures that no two crashes are ever the same.

Unleash your inner designer

Happy Wheels is not just about surviving chaos but about creating it! Dive into the expansive level editor and unleash your inner mad scientist. Design your death traps, build complex contraptions, and share your brutal creations. With over 10 million user-created levels to explore, the laughs and surprises never end.

Embrace the absurd

Happy Wheels celebrates the absurd, where laughter and screams go hand in hand. Do not take yourself too seriously; embrace the wipeouts and enjoy the dark humor that makes this game addictive. So buckle up, grab your most incredible car and prepare to face the most brutal physics playground ever created.

Main functions

  • Fun, chaotic ragdoll physics
  • Over 60 challenging levels and millions of user-generated levels
  • Customizable level editor to unleash your inner sadist
  • Eccentric characters and vehicles to choose from
  • Simple controls with depth to master

Control character of Happy Wheel

  • Accelerate or go forward with the up arrow key.
  • Reverse or travel backward with the down arrow key.
  • Lean backwards or turn left with the left arrow key.
  • Lean forward or turn right with the right arrow key.
  • The space bar: Primary action (for example, eject from car, leap)
  • Shift key: Secondary action (for example, grab, shove)
  • Zoom in with the Ctrl key (desktop version only).

Happy Wheels controls may be changed in the settings menu, which can be reached from the main menu.