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Air Hockey Cup

Air Hockey Cup invites you to experience the thrill of fast-paced competition and personalized fun in a dynamic, intuitive game arena. Get ready for the ultimate air hockey adventure that combines strategic gameplay with endless customization.

Introducing the Air Hockey Cup

League of Legends: Conquer four distinct tournaments, each with its own goals and challenges. Show off your prowess at handling the ball, outsmart your opponents and secure the championship title as you move up the ranks!

Tournament Trials: Fine-tune your skills and earn worthy bragging rights in Tournament mode. Exclusively for coins earned in League, these high-stakes challenges will push your abilities to the limit against the most formidable opponents.

Double the excitement: Team up with a friend and unleash the apocalypse in exhilarating 2-player mode! Challenge each other, make strategic maneuvers and pull off epic trick shots in a head-to-head showdown that promises excitement and fierce competition.

Simple controls, endless enjoyment

Mouse Maestro: Gain control with a simple click and hold on your selected player, then drag to aim and make your shot. Master the delicate balance between power and precision, skillfully sending the ball soaring across the table and into your opponent's net.

Team Tweaks: Accumulate wins, coins, and gems to unlock countless customization options! From eye-catching puck designs to stylish player outfits, customize your team's look and show off your unique style on the air hockey battlefield.

Enter the exciting world of the Air Hockey Cup, where the immersive 2D arena becomes the stage for high-flying pucks, thunderous goals and explosive competition! Do you have the reflexes and strategic acumen needed to take the top spot? Lace up your digital skates and get ready to climb the leaderboards in this exciting air hockey match.